FACULTY SENATE


Senate Document Number     5506S


Date of Senate Approval      04/27/06  


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


APC Document 39:                               Elimination of Health Care Management Concentration                                                                                                                                


Effective Date:  Fall 2006


1.         Delete:             On pg. 160,


                                    Health Care

                                    MGMT 320, 321, 421, 425; MGMT 489 or 499



2.         Delete: On pg. 160,


                        Certificate in Health Care Administration:

This certificate is offered for those individuals presently employed in the health care field. 

The individual will be required to successfully complete the following courses with a C or better:  MGMT 220, 320, 421; and 9 additional hours. The 9 additional hours will provide individualized program focus and must be approved by the academic advisor. Three of these 9 hours must be 300 level or above. At least 9 of the required 18 hours must be taken at UNCA.


3.         Delete: On pg. 147,


MGMT 421 from the list of electives for the Legal Studies minor




This proposal will remove one concentration from the major and will remove one certification program.  Reference to the Health Care Management Concentration will be removed from the catalog.  Students may continue to declare a major with a Health Care Management Concentration during the 2005-2006 academic year.  Students desiring to declare the major in 2005-2006 will be informed that the concentration is being phased out and will be given guidance that should enable them to determine whether or not they can plan to enroll in the courses required for the concentration.  Those students who are currently enrolled in the concentration will also be given guidance on the limits to their opportunities to take the courses. Removing MGMT 421 from the list of possible electives for the Legal Studies minor will have minimal impact since few students choose this course to complete minor requirements.



The Health Care Administration Concentration in Management is the smallest of the concentrations in Management.  There are currently 12 majors in this area.  The Department believes that this concentration is no longer viable.  During the past year, faculty have felt obligated to inform students that we did not expect the Health Care concentration to continue. The students have received advice on the courses needed for them to complete the degree and on the semesters that the Department will present each of the required courses for the last time.  It would be infeasible, not to mention quixotic, to try to resurrect the program at this time.


At one point there were two full-time faculty members qualified to teach in Health Care.  At present there is only one, and the Department must frequently ask him to cover core courses.  When the faculty member who is qualified in this area chooses to retire, replacement would be problematic.


While the concentration has had real value to the school and to the greater community, and has provided students with a worthwhile option, circumstances have reached the point where it is in the best interest of all concerned to discontinue the program.