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Senate Document Number     5206S


Date of Senate Approval      04/27/06  


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


APC Document  36:             Changing the Core Requirements for Drama Majors



Effective Fall 2006


1.  Delete:   On pgs 92-93, all entries, Concentration in Drama through Theatre Arts with

Teacher Licensure


     Add:       On pgs 92-93, in place of deleted entries:


All drama majors are required to complete a common core of classes that provides a foundation of skills and knowledge in the areas of performance, technical, history, and theory. 


I.   Required courses in the major—28 hours consisting of DRAM 103, 111, 121, 122,

144, 244, 245 and 358; and 6 hours of credit from DRAM 106.

                   II.  Completion of one of the major concentrations outlined below.

                   III.  Other department requirements—Major competency is demonstrated through

production and performance laboratory experiences with Theatre UNCA. Each drama major is required to earn six hours of DRAM 106 credit specific to the student's concentration. Please see the Dram Department Student Handbook for these requirements. Oral competency is demonstrated through successful completion of DRAM 103.  Computer competency is demonstrated through successful completion of DRAM 111, 121 and 244.


Concentration in Drama

                        9 hours of DRAM electives, 6 of which must be at the 300-400 level.


                   Concentration in Acting and Directing

         13 hours as follows: DRAM 104, 212, 314, 362; and either 415 or 462.


         Concentration in Design and Production

         11-14 hours as follows: DRAM 220, completion of one of the following emphasis areas, and an additional 3 hours chosen from the following courses that is not being used for the emphasis area.

                             Costume: DRAM 325, 440              Scene: DRAM 331, 432

              Lighting: DRAM 331, 336, 437         Sound: DRAM 334, 434


         Concentration in Theatre Arts with Teacher Licensure

49 hours as follows: DRAM 104, 124, 212, 220, 317, 362, 462; 3 hours of DRAM at the

300-400 level; EDUC 310, 311, 314, 380, 396, 455, 496; PSYC 101, 318.



Impact: Although these changes increase the major requirements by 3 hours, they will not require additional faculty or resources. The changes in the Drama Core are also applicable to the Theatre Arts with Teacher Licensure. These changes, in conjunction with the changes to the Drama Core classes will require students to complete 47-48 hours in ILS, 21 hours in EDUC, 7 hours in PSYC, and 49 hours in DRAM for a total of 124-125 hours.  Theatre Arts students had been taking 47-48 hours in ILS, 24-25 hours in EDUC, 7 hours in PSYC, and 46 hours in DRAM, and 1 hour in DAN for a total of 125-127 total hours.


Rationale: The changes in the Drama Core will serve to bring all four concentrations into alignment and allow for a more reliable and equitable tracking system for the assessment of major competencies.

UNC Asheville requires degree candidates to complete a demonstration of competence in their major

field. While most academic departments conduct competence evaluations in the senior year through a comprehensive examination or a capstone experience such as a research project, the Drama department measures competence each semester through a process of juried evaluation. These evaluations assess the student’s ability to apply the theories and practices learned in the classroom to the rigor of public scrutiny in the department's production and performance laboratory, Theatre UNCA. The Drama Department is developing a handbook for its majors, and will include detailed information on fulfilling competency requirements in the handbook. This information will also be posted on the departmental website.  Item III in the change above refers students to the handbook, instead of outlining these specific requirements in the catalog. They are included below for informational purposes.


There are two competency categories that comprise the laboratory experiences for DRAM 106 Theatre Production: Design/Production and Acting/Directing.  Each category has three subdivisions.  Under the Design/Production category there are competencies in Technical Construction, Running Crew, and Design.  Under the Acting/Directing category there are competencies in Performance, Management, and Artistic.  Each drama major must complete 6 hours of DRAM 106 according to the concentration area as follows:


Drama: 3 in Design/Production; 3 in Acting/Directing

Acting and Directing: 2 in Design/Production; 4 in Acting/Directing

Design and Production: 4 in Design/Production; 2 in Acting/Directing

Theatre Arts with Teacher Licensure: 3 in Design/Production; 3 in Acting/Directing