FACULTY SENATE


Senate Document Number     5106S


Date of Senate Approval      04/27/06  


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


APC Document  35:                              Delete DRAM 355;

Add DRAM 106, Theatre Production


Effective Fall 2006



1.  Delete:       On pg. 96, the entry for DRAM 355, Modern Drama (LIT 355)


      Delete:       On pg. 157, in the title for LIT 355, the (DRAM 355) cross-listing.


Impact: Dropping DRAM 355 decreases the hours required in the major by three. Requiring six hours of DRAM 106 offsets this. The net impact of these two changes is a three-hour increase in the major requirements. The material covered by DRAM 355 will be offered in DRAM 358, Topics in Dramatic Literature, Theory, or History.  Dropping this course allows for more flexibility in scheduling. 


Rationale: The current sequence in theatre history requires four three-hour courses: DRAM 244, 245, 355 and 358. Dropping DRAM 355 as a requirement will allow students to complete two survey courses in theatre history and select one focused course in an area of particular interest to the student.  This brings the department into alignment with National Association of Schools of Theatre recommendations. In addition, a senior capstone course in drama, currently under development, may cover some of the material in 355.



2.  Add:           On 94, new title and course description, DRAM 106, Theatre Production


                        106       Theatre Production (1)

Intensive laboratory experience in production and performance work for Theatre UNCA. Drama majors are required to complete 6 hours of production for graduation. Drama minors are required to complete 2 hours of production for graduation.  Open only to Drama majors or minors. May be repeated for a total of 6 hours. Permission of instructor is required.  Fall and Spring.


Impact: Adding DRAM 106 will not require additional faculty or resources, since the production work is already an established component of the program.

Adding this one-hour course that drama majors must take six times increases the total number of hours required in the major by six. Dropping DRAM 355 will offset these hours. The net impact of these two changes together is that the hours required in the major are increased by three.


Rationale: Adding DRAM 106 will provide a reliable and equitable system for assessing major competency.  Previously majors were required to complete the production and performance work without receiving academic credit.