Senate Document Number 4106S


Date of Senate Approval 04/13/06





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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


APC Document 32 Change BIOL 105 from one 5-hr course to a 3-hour lecture and a 1-hr lab;

Adding new course, BIOL 365; Changing prerequisite for BIOL 223



Effective Date:   Fall 2006

1. Delete: On pg 72, the entry for BIOL 105 Principles of Biology (5)


Add:    On pg 72, add BIOL 123 and BIOL 124

123 Principles of Biology (3)

An introduction to ideas fundamental to the understanding of contemporary biology (cell theory, genetics, evolution and ecology). For non-Biology majors. Fall and Spring.


124 Principles of Biology Lab (1)

Introduction to biology lab. Pre- or corequisite: BIOL 123. For non-Biology majors. Fall and Spring.


Impact:  There should be minimal impact. No additional faculty or resources will be necessary. The introductory biology course for non-majors is being separated into two courses, a 3-credit-hour class (123) and a 1 credit-hour lab (124), and the total credit for the class plus lab is being reduced from 5 credits to 4. The original 105 course has been offered each semester since 1986 and usually enrolls 80 to 100 students per semester. The new courses will be offered every semester with enough sections to permit enrollment of 80 to 100 students.


Rationale:  Separating the lab from the rest of the course makes it possible for students to enroll in the class without lab to fulfill the ILSN requirement as part of a topical cluster. Students will still have the option to enroll in both to fulfill the requirement for the natural science laboratory course.




2. Add: On pg 74, add new course BIOL 365:


365 Evolutionary Biology (3)

This course provides an in-depth examination of the major concepts and principles of the theory of evolution. Prerequisite: BIOL 210 or 211. Even years Spring.


Impact: We do not perceive any change in resource needs. This change will not affect any department since the coursework and requirements for the degree remain unchanged.

Rationale. The course has been taught as a special topics course. This request adds it to the curriculum.




3. Add: On pg 71, add BIOL 365 to the choices under the Concentration in Ecology and

Evolutionary Biology. Correct listing is:


3136 hours, including PHYS 131, 231; BIOL 443; one course from either BIOL 338, 345, or 455; three courses from BIOL 321, 331-337, 340 or 348, 350, 351, 356, 360, 365; ENVR 350, 360, 384, 443, 444; and either BIOL 444 or CHEM 235.


Impact: None.

Rationale: Editorial change




4. Delete: On pg 72, the prerequisite listing under BIOL 223:


Prerequisite: BIOL 105; or permission of instructor.


Add: On pg 72, in place of deleted entry:


Prerequisite: One course from BIOL 115, 116 or 123; or permission of instructor.


Impact: Biology majors will now be able to enroll in this course without written permission if they have had one of the introductory courses. Students in pre-health programs can still receive permission from the instructor if they have not taken one of the intro courses. There may be a slight increase in enrollment in the class. Adding more options for meeting the prerequisite means fewer permission sheets will need to be submitted to the Office of Advising and Registration Services (about half of the students currently enrolled in the course were signed-in).


Rationale: An introductory course in biology helps students develop the basic terminology and study habits necessary to succeed in this class. Currently, students who have taken an introductory course other than BIOL 105 cannot enroll without permission. This creates student frustration and confusion, and wastes time and resources dealing with overriding prerequisites.