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  Senate Document Number     1405F


  Date of Senate Approval      12/01/05  



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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


APC Document  9:                                Change in Requirements for Declaring a Management Major



Effective Date:  Fall 2006


1.  Delete:   On pg. 159, the following heading and paragraph:


                     Declaration of Major

               Declaring a major in Management requires the student to complete a Declaration of Major form that must be signed by the department chair. Before declaring a major, students must satisfy the LANG 120 requirement.


      Add:        On pg. 159, in place of deleted entry.


                     Declaration of Major

     Declaring a major in management requires the student to complete a Declaration of Major form that must be signed by the department chair. Before declaring the major, a student must complete MGMT 220, ACCT 215 and ACCT 216 with a grade of C or better, and must satisfy the LANG 120 requirement. The following restrictions must be met before the department chair can sign to admit the student to the program:


1.  Students are encouraged to declare their majors as soon as they are eligible.  Enrollment in the program is capped and students are admitted to the program on a space-available basis.

2.  Students must formally declare a Management major by the time they have completed 75 semester hours. After completing 75 semester hours, based on special circumstances, students may petition the department chair to declare the major.  Petitions submitted after completion of 90 semester hours must be approved by the department chair and the Provost or his/her designee.

3.  Students cannot enroll in any 400-level MGMT course without a declared major or minor in the Department. Exceptions require approval of the department chair.



Impact Statement: 

This change limits the number of students who can major in Management and restricts enrollment in 400-level management classes.  At present, it is possible to adequately serve 175 management majors with 13 full-time departmental faculty members. No additional resources are required by this change.



Recruiting faculty for the Department of Management and Accountancy has been problematic because the salaries the University has been offering do not compete with those from other schools. Academic Affairs has concluded that, if they are to pay market-driven salaries to faculty in the Department of Management and Accountancy, then the number of faculty in the Department will have to be capped.  The Academic Affairs Office will commit more resources to supporting management salaries closer to market-driven salaries in the field, but can only make such a commitment if both faculty and, thus, the majors are limited. The limit on the number of majors will ensure that class size and student-faculty ratio remain at the university norm.  Academic Affairs feels that they cannot release one replacement position to the Department unless management majors are capped.  The Department accepts this cap because they believe students can best be served by having this vacant position filled.


In other programs, using grade point averages or satisfactory completion of a menu of classes has proven unsuccessful in limiting majors. As a result, the Department will restrict Management majors by allowing declaration of major on a first-come, first-served basis when graduation and attrition create openings. Once a cap of 175 management majors is reached, no student may declare a management major until another student graduates or withdraws from the program.