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Senate Document Number     1105F


Date of Senate Approval      12/01/05  



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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


APC Document  4:                    Changes to the degree requirements for MLA

Change to the process by which students select a project

Change to the length of time allowed for completion of the degree



Effective Date: Fall 2006


1. Delete:   On pg 145-146, the headings and complete informational paragraphs for the following:


                  a.   Degree Requirements

Each student will complete 36 semester hours.....*To be taken at the first opportunity.

b.  Advising and Thesis/Project Committee

Each student will consult with the program the Graduate Council.

c.  Progress

It is expected that a student will need no more than 10 years... candidates for the degree.

Add:     On pg 145-146, in place of the deleted entries:


Advising and Project Seminar Committee

Each student will consult with the Master of Liberal Arts program director for information and advising before beginning graduate course work. Students are required to meet with a designated advisor at least once a semester to insure progress through the program. A capstone project is required of each degree candidate. A project seminar committee, composed of the student's project advisor, the instructor of the project seminar (MLA 680), and a third faculty member selected by the student, will supervise the capstone project. The project advisor and the instructor of the project seminar must approve the project topic. The student will present and defend the project in the capstone project seminar.


It is expected that a student will need no more than 7 years to complete the MLA degree. Permission of the Graduate Council is necessary in order to remain a candidate for the degree beyond this time limit. Students must complete at least one MLA course per year and maintain regular contact with their assigned graduate advisor. 


Degree Requirements

Each student will complete 30 semester hours of MLA course work with a minimum grade-point average of 3.0. At least 24 of these credits must be taken at UNC Asheville. Courses offered through the Asheville Graduate Center may be taken as MLA electives with the prior approval of the Graduate Council.

I.   Required courses for the degree--21 hours from MLA 500, 520, 540, 560, 600, 670 and 680.  MLA 500 must be taken during the first fall semester after admission to the program.  In addition, students must select 9 additional hours from 500-level liberal studies electives.

II.   Other degree requirements-- Students will develop a capstone project in MLA 670, and complete, present and defend the work in MLA 680. Oral and computer competency will also be demonstrated in MLA 670 and 680.