FACULTY SENATE


Senate Document Number     0205F


Date of Senate Approval      10/20/05  



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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


FWDC 3                       



Given that the Senate’s Constitution charges us to both “Maintain and promote the welfare of all members of the University community”, and to “Advise and counsel the administration upon any matters that the administration or the Senate may wish to present…” and that the University of North Carolina Asheville has a long history of emphasizing to the University Community the need for each of us to have respect for each other’s opinions, beliefs and individual characteristics, AND


Given that in the December 1999 Subcommittee on Faculty and Staff Diversification’s report to the Chancellor’s Task Force on Diversity it is stated in the Executive Summary that “In the preparation of this document, we routinely heard reports of a climate of fear surrounding the relationship of both faculty and staff with their immediate superiors. We have aimed our recommendations toward converting the university to a more humane place to work, a place that is earnest about the career success of the people who work here”, AND


Given the fact that many recommendations made by the Subcommittee were never implemented and that the situation existing then still appears to exist today,

THEREFORE, the Faculty Welfare and Development Committee of the Faculty Senate proposes a formal sense of the Senate on the following:


RESOLVED, that the Faculty Senate endorses the Chancellor’s establishment of an “advisory committee on people and planning”, and


RESOLVED, that the Faculty Senate endorses the FWDC exploring with the Chancellor’s Office and CSAC the following:


1. The establishment of a staff ombudsperson/conciliator


2. The establishment of a faculty ombudsperson/conciliator


3. The continuation of a student ombudsperson/conciliator


4. These ombudspeople/conciliators, and their alternates, be provided appropriate time and training so that they may adequately carry out their duties.





There is a growing concern on our campus that there exists a continued hostile work environment in which constant fear of retribution persists. To support a positive learning environment for UNCA students, the university needs to promote an open, respectful, and collegial environment for all faculty and staff as well.  Indeed, a Liberal Arts university should strive to serve as a model of a truly Liberal society.  Therefore, the establishment of such a Committee and implementation of its suggestions and recommendations and the Chancellor’s actions should serve to defuse the present situation and create a more positive working environment for all of UNCA.


In addition, it is hoped that in the near future that an ombudsperson/conciliator office be established on campus. All three individuals would be provided office space and materials as well as reassignment time in order to be able to devote a meaningful amount of time to produce meaningful results.

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