FACULTY SENATE


Senate Document Number     0805F


Date of Senate Approval      11/10/05  



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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


APC Document  12:                  Change title for PSYC 308; Change prerequisite for PSYC 344;

Change title, description and prerequisites for PSYC 345;

                                                Change course number for PSYC 469


Effective Date:  Fall 2006


1.         Delete:             On pg 206, the title for PSYC 308.


            Add:                 On pg 206, in place of deleted entry:


Abnormal Psychology


Impact:  Changing the name for this course will have no discernible effect other than providing a catalog listing which is more widely understood and recognized. The course has no links requiring concurrences from other departments, and affects in no way our staffing or resource needs.


Rationale:  The term Psychopathology, while technically correct, is often not understood by new students and transfers.  The title of Abnormal Psychology is, by contrast widely used and understood.  The revised course title should reduce confusion about the content and identity of the 308 course.




2.         Delete:             On pg 207, from the course description for PSYC 344: 


Prerequisites: PSYC 102, 200.


            Add:                 On pg 207, in place of deleted entry:


Prerequisites: PSYC 101, 102, 200, and 201. 


Impact:  This change will alter the flow of students into Psychology 344 but will have no net effect on course offerings, staffing patterns, or resources. 


Rationale:  Psychology 101 and 201 provide better preparation for the course than Psychology 102 and 200 alone.



3.         Delete:             On pg 207, the entry for PSYC 345.


Add:                 On pg 207, in place of deleted entry:


345       Child Clinical Psychology

Examines children’s development of positive mental health and mental disorders. Considers factors influencing development of psychopathology and strategies for helping children, including psychotherapy and prevention.  Prerequisites:  PSYC 101, 102, 201, and 225.  See department chair.

Impact:  The new course title and description will have no impact on other departments.  They will also have no effect on staffing patterns or resource needs.


Rationale:  The updated title and course description accurately convey changes in the discipline that have occurred since the 1970’s, when much of applied child psychology was dominated by behavioral approaches.  The prerequisite change broadens access to the course.



4.         Delete:             On pg 208, the entry for PSYC 469.


            Add:                 On pg 202, in appropriate numerical order:


                                    367       Human Sexuality (3)

Survey of psychological literature on human sexuality, including the biological bases, sexual behavior, sexuality throughout the life cycle, sexual differences and dysfunctions, interpersonal attraction and communication, and social issues related to human sexuality. Prerequisites: PSYC 101, 102, 201, 202, 225. See department chair.


Impact: This change will have no discernible impact on other programs.  No concurrences are required and no resource changes will occur.


Rationale:  Psychology courses numbered at the 400-level are seminar courses set at a smaller class size.  Although our intent was to offer this course as a seminar, it is a popular course that is offered infrequently and therefore its enrollment requires a 300-level number.