University of North Carolina at Asheville


Minutes, January 4, 2005



Members:          L. Atkinson, B. Butler, J. Konz, B. Larson, D. Lisnerski, G. Nallan, D. Pierce,

B. Reynolds, I. Rossell, M. Ruiz, S. Walters;


Excused:          R. Booker, L. Cornett, S. Mills, P. Nickless.


Visitors:            M. Alm, G. Ashburn, C. Bell, K. Betsalel, M. Burchard, V. Derryberry, P. Downes,

R. Dunning, D. Eggers, B. Fox, B. Holmes, H. Kelley, G. Kormanik, C. McKenzie,

C. McKnight, K. Moorhead, M. Moseley, B. Wilson.



I.          Call to Order and Announcements

Dr. Jeff Konz called the special meeting to order at 1:35 pm and welcomed senators and guests.  He announced that Pamela Nickless was unable to attend the meeting because of a family emergency; as first vice chair, he presided over the meeting.    

Dr. Konz explained that the purpose of the meeting was to select five faculty members to serve on the Chancellor Search Committee.  President Broad will charge the committee at its first meeting on January 10.  The search committee will be chaired by Sue McClinton, Chair of the Board of Trustees.

Five members of the Board of Trustees have been selected to serve on the search committee:    

Sue McClinton, search committee chair

Mike Tanner, an alumnus of UNCA

Pamela Turner, who has served on two search committees

Charles Tolley, president-elect of the Board of Trustees

Alfred Whitesides, who has prior experience on searches for NC Central University.


It was unknown who the staff, administration, and student representatives would be. 


Establishing Nomination and Voting Guidelines

Dr. Konz distributed a document from the Executive Committee on nomination and voting guidelines that were based on procedures that were used in the previous chancellor search.  Dr. Konz stated that Pamela Nickless indicated that she is not able to serve on the search committee. 

During discussion, Dr. Rossell outlined four options for filling the Faculty Senate slot:  1) Dr. Konz, as first vice chair; 2) another executive committee member; 3) another Senator; or,  4) selecting five members from the faculty as a whole rather than four.    

Dr. Reynolds favored having at least one Senator serve on the committee.    

Dr. Pierce moved to amend the last sentence under #1 to read:  The First Vice Chair of the Senate will serve as one of the faculty representatives.  Dr. Ruiz seconded the motion. 

Dr. Rossell asked Dr. Konz to comment on his willingness to serve.  Dr. Konz stated that he was willing to serve if it was the will of the Senate. 

Dr. Rossell noted that the Chair of the Senate does not serve on another committee, whereas all of the other members of the Executive Committee do serve on committees and they chair those committees.  There is a difference in the availability of the Chair of the Senate versus someone who chairs a committee.  The motion passed unanimously.

            At Dr. Rossell’s request, Dr. Konz explained #3:  “Nominations will be made and closed for each of these divisions, in turn.”  He stated that the Senate would take nominations for the Humanities division and close those before taking nominations for the Natural Sciences.  When the nominations for the Natural Sciences were closed, the Senate would proceed with nominations from the Social Sciences.  The nominations will come from those present today and from a list of nominations previously submitted.  The motion to accept the nomination and voting guidelines passed unanimously.


             Nomination Process

            Dr. Konz listed the faculty who had been nominated and who had expressed a willingness to serve. 

Dr. Lisnerski made a motion that the Senate dissolve into a Committee of the Whole.  Dr. Rossell seconded the motion.  Dr. Konz explained that this would allow for freer discussion – minutes would not be recorded or written.  The motion passed unanimously, and the Senate dissolved into a Committee of the Whole.


            The Senate reconvened.

            Dr. Lisnerski made a motion to formally endorse these faculty to serve on the Chancellor Search Committee: 

Jeff Konz (Economics)

Gwen Ashburn (Literature and Language)

Gregg Kormanik (Biology)

Gary Nallan (Psychology)

Scott Walters (Drama) 


Alternate: Dave Peifer (Mathematics)


Dr. Larson seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. 


II.         Adjourn

            Dr. Konz thanked Senators and guests and adjourned the meeting at 2:40 pm.


Respectfully submitted by:          Sandra Gravely

Don Lisnerski