Senate Document Number     6005S


Date of Senate Approval      04/07/05  



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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


APC Document 50:                                                       Proposal to Eliminate Joint Program with
Western Carolina University in Nursing


Effective Date: Fall 2005


1.  Delete:         On p. 49 of the 2004-05 catalog, the entire entry for the Joint Program with Western Carolina University in Nursing (please refer to pg. 48 of the 2003-04 catalog for the relevant entry which was inadvertently deleted from the 2004-05 catalog).


Impact Statement:
No impact on university requirements.

This program has few students and is no longer mission-consistent. 
Western Carolina is also willing to discontinue the program.



Email 2/24/05:

Kathy and Chris,


I wanted to follow-up our conversation concerning the WCU/UNCA Joint Nursing Program.  First of all, Western appreciates the collaboration we have had for many years with UNCA concerning nursing and we particularly appreciate Chris's time and efforts in advising students interested in the nursing profession.  We also cherish the friendship and relationship we shared for many years with John Bernhardt.  Over the years, UNCA has sent us many wonderful students. 


As we discussed, fewer students are enrolled in this program than in past years.  The curriculum does not lend itself to a perfect fit and more students are enrolling in the local community colleges.  After discussing these issues with Western's nursing department, we have decided to discontinue the "official joint nursing program."  We understand that there will still be UNCA students who choose to transfer into a nursing curriculum and would appreciate Chris's continued assistance with helping them enroll in the appropriate courses.  Please know that I am happy to help advise any perspective Western nursing student. 


Thanks, again, for the good relationship we share.


Patsy Miller

WCU Program in Asheville