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 Senate Document Number     2405S


 Date of Senate Approval      03/03/05  




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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:



APC Document  17:                                            Correct Listing of Joint Programs in Engineering


Effective Date: Fall 2005


Delete:  On p. 47-49, the entire section beginning with “Joint Bachelor of Science in Engineering-Mechatronics . . .” on pg. 47 through “**Offered by Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College” on pg 49.


Add:  In place of deleted entry:

Joint Bachelor of Science in Engineering Degree with a Concentration in Mechatronics from North Carolina State University and UNC Asheville

The University of North Carolina at Asheville and North Carolina State University offer a joint Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree with a concentration in Mechatronics . The Mechatronics degree is offered entirely on the UNC Asheville campus. Mechatronics is a unique, multidisciplinary field of study which integrates electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer and control engineering and information technology. Mechatronics incorporates a contemporary engineering design methodology which involves integrating microelectronics and information technologies into mechanical and electromechanical systems.

The joint degree program gives students the benefits of a strong foundation in the liberal arts combined with rigorous studies in engineering disciplines and allows students to complete an engineering degree while living and working in the Asheville area. It is designed to be accessible to students employed in local industries as well as to traditional students. Prospective students should apply to UNC Asheville through the UNC Asheville Admissions Office. Currently enrolled students can obtain information through the Engineering Programs Office in Robinson Hall at UNC Asheville. 

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Degree in 14 Program Areas through North Carolina State University

The University of North Carolina at Asheville and North Carolina State University also offer a Two-Plus-Two Engineering Program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree in one of 14 areas listed below. Students complete approximately one half of the NCSU BS degree requirements while attending UNC Asheville, and then transfer to NCSU. Many NCSU engineering courses are available at UNC Asheville via distance education through the North Carolina State University Engineering Programs Office in Robinson Hall.

The Two-Plus-Two Engineering Program includes the following curricula:


Aerospace Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Construction Engineering and Management
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

The following curricula are also supported, but must be completed on a 1 1/2 + 2 1/2 schedule:

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Materials Engineering
Nuclear Engineering
Textile Engineering


Impact Statement: No impact on university requirements.

Rationale:  Changes reflect the structure of the new Joint Engineering Program.