FACULTY SENATE


Senate Document Number     1405S


Date of Senate Approval      02/10/05  


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:



APC Document 10:                   Correction in list of required courses for Earth Science with Teacher Licensure; Change in required Biology courses for Middle School Teacher Licensure; Change in required courses for Comprehensive Science Licensure for Chemistry Majors


Effective Date:  Fall 2005



Delete:    On page 114, section III of Earth Science with Teacher Licensure:


III.   Required courses outside the major—19-22 hours: ....SOC 240; and those requirements indicated under the Education section of the catalog.


Add:        On page 114, in place of deleted section:


III. Required courses outside the major—16-19 hours: CHEM 132 or satisfactory score on Chemistry Placement Examination; CHEM 111, 144; ATMS 103; MATH 167 or 191; STAT 185; and those requirements indicated under the Education section of the catalog.

Impact: None; this change is a correction.


Rationale:  This change is necessary for consistency between the Environmental Studies and the Education sections of the catalog.  On p. 104, section III of Secondary School Licensure (9-12), the catalog states: “Recommended elective for all students—ANTH 100 or SOC 240.”   SOC 240 is also not listed under section II: “Required courses outside Education.”




Delete:    On page 104, in section II of Middle School Licensure (6-9)


Science—16 hours:  BIOL 105; CHEM 111, 132; ENVR 130; PHYS 131.


Add:        On page 104, in place of deleted entry:


Science—16-19 hours:  BIOL 105, or  both BIOL 115 and 116; CHEM 111, 132; ENVR 130; PHYS 131.


Impact: No impact on staffing expected.  The number of students seeking licensure in middle school science each year is small.  In addition, middle school licensure candidates majoring in biology have probably substituted more rigorous biology courses for this requirement in the past.


Rationale: The content in BIOL 105 is the minimum requirement in biology for a student seeking middle school science licensure.  Biology majors are required to take BIOL 115 and 116, which cover the material that is covered in BIOL 105, but in more depth.  They have therefore met more than the minimum requirement and will not gain by taking BIOL 105 in addition to their major courses.




Delete: On page 77, in the paragraph with the heading Bachelor of Arts Degree—Concentration in Chemistry with Teacher Licensure, the second sentence:


Students who wish to receive teacher licensure in 9-12 Comprehensive Science....ATMS 103, BIOL 105 and ENVR 105.


Add:     On page 77, in place of deleted sentence:


Students who wish to receive teacher licensure in 9-12 Comprehensive Science (as distinct from Chemistry) must complete the requirements for Chemistry with teacher Licensure, as well as BIOL 105 and ENVR 105.


Impact:  Deleting ATMS 103 will have very little impact, as the number of chemistry majors seeking comprehensive teacher licensure each year is small or none.


Rationale:  The NCDPI standards for secondary science licensure that were approved by the State Board of Education in 2002 contain very minimal reference to atmospheric science content.  In addition, the requirements for comprehensive science listed for physics majors and for biology majors do not include ATMS 103.  (See Catalog page 71 and page 190.)  This change is necessary to bring the comprehensive science program for chemistry majors into alignment with the NCDPI standards and with the other comprehensive science licensure programs.