University of North Carolina at Asheville


Minutes, May 9, 2002 - 4:15 pm meeting

Members: R. Booker, K. Bramlett, M. Burchard, C. Ho, C. James, D. James, J. Konz, J. Kuhlman, H. Lee, S. Patch, J. Rackham, B. Reynolds, I. Rossell, A. Weldon; M. Alm, J. Wood.

Presiding: C. Mitchell (2001-2002 Faculty Senate Chair)

Excused: ML Manns

Visitors: E. Iovacchini

I. Call to Order

Dr. Cathy Mitchell called the meeting to order at 4:15 pm and welcomed new senators to the first meeting of the 2002-2003 Faculty Senate. Randy Booker, Dee James, Jeff Konz, Barbara Reynolds, and Irene Rossell will serve the 2002-2005 term. The 2002-03 Alternates are Mary Alm, Bill Miller and John Wood. Alternates are to attend the Senate meetings with "voice without vote."

II. Election of Officers

Executive Committee elections were held with the following results:

Chair of the Senate and Chair of the Executive Committee:

Jeff Rackham

Dr. Mitchell turned the floor over to Dr. Rackham and the elections continued:

First Vice Chair and Chair of the Academic Policies Committee:

Melissa Burchard

Second Vice Chair and Chair of the Institutional Development Committee and University Planning Council: Jim Kuhlman

Secretary and Chair of the Faculty Welfare and Development Committee:

Mary Lynn Manns

III. Committee Assignment Preferences

Dr. Rackham asked senators to submit their committee preferences. The Executive Committee will convene after the meeting to set committee assignments.

IV. Senate Election of members of Standing Committees

The Senate approved the following FWDC nominations to Standing Committees:

- Distinguished Scholars Committee

Senate election for 2002 - 2004 Peg Downes, Bill Haas

- List for Alternate Faculty Conciliator (Keith Ray is the 2002-03 Faculty Conciliator.)

Karen Cole, Marcia Ghidina,

Mike Gillum, Jim Pitts

- University Research Council

Senate election for 2002-2004 Allan Combs, Duane Davis

- University Teaching Council

Senate election for 2002-2004 Dan Millspaugh, Ann Weber

- University Service Council

Senate election for 2002-2004 Merritt Moseley, Mark West

- Graduate Council - MLA

Senate election for 2002-2004 Randy Booker, Sarah Judson

- University Foundation Board

Senate election for 2002-2004 Pat Snoyer

- University Relations Advisory

Senate election for 2002-2004 W Kirby (Senate-elected representative to Foundation)

Helen Wykle

-Intellectual Property Rights

Senate election for 2002-2005 Elizabeth Snyder-Hook, Mike Ruiz, Leah Mathews

- Minority Affairs Commission

Senate election for 2002-2004 Kendra Johnson

V. Adjourn

Dr. Rackham adjourned the meeting at 4:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted by:    Sandra Gravely
                                           Mary Lynn Manns