University of North Carolina at Asheville


Minutes, May 3, 2007 – 4:00 pm



Members:   G. Boudreaux, C. Bell, M. Burchard, K. Cole, L. Dohse, P. Downes, B. Hass, J. Hartsfield,

                  M. Harvey, H. Holt, S. Judson, J. McClain, C. McKenzie, M. Moseley, B. Sabo, B. Wilson,

                  J. Wood; K. Whatley; Alt: K. Betsalel, K. Krumpe.


Excused:          A. Lanou

2006-07 Presiding Chair:  G. Nallan


Visitors:       G. Kormanik, B. Larson, D. Lisnerski.



I.        Call to Order

          Dr. Gary Nallan called the meeting to order at 4:30 pm and welcomed new and returning Senators and guests.  New Senators are Chris Bell, Melissa Burchard, Lothar Dohse, Bill Haas, Jane Hartsfield and Amy Lanou.  Alternates are:  Ken Betsalel, Keith Krumpe and Dan Pierce.


II.       Election of Officers

          Dr. Nallan explained that the new Faculty Senate Constitution allows nominations from the floor.  Executive Committee elections were held with the following results:


          Chair of the Senate and Chair of the Executive Committee:

                   Peg Downes


          First Vice Chair and Chair of the Academic Policies Committee:

                   Bill Sabo


          Second Vice Chair and Chair of the Institutional Development Committee:

                   John Wood    


          Third Vice Chair and Chair of the Faculty Welfare and Development Committee:

                   Greg Boudreaux  


III.      Election of Alternate

          Keith Krumpe was elected to fulfill Sarah Judson’s 2007-08 term on the Senate.  Dr. Judson has resigned from the Senate for medical reasons.


IV.     Committee Work-in-Progress 

          (Vote on Nominees to Standing Committees)

          The Senate approved the following FWDC nominations to Standing Committees:


10.3.1 Distinguished Scholars Committee        

                        ON HOLD!!!!


10.3.2 Minority Affairs Commission {SD4606S}
            continuing:    Heon Lee, Chair (SS 06-08), Horace Maxile – Hum (06-08)
                                    *P  Dee James – Hum (06-08)

                   Lei Han                      NS (07-10) 
                        *P Appointee            NS (06-09)
                        *P  Appointee           SS (07-10)

10.3.3 Faculty Conciliator and Alternate

            Peter Caulfield (07-08)

            Ken Betsalel  (07-09) - alternate


10.3.4 Feldman Professorship Review Committee
continuing:    Mark Harvey – FWDC (06-08), Kathy Garbe – UTC (06-08),

                      Nancy Ruppert – URC (06-08)



Faculty #1         FWDC Representative

Faculty #2         UTC                  “

Faculty #3         URC                 “


10.3.5 University Research Council (URC)  {SD3006S}
             continuing:    Bill Miller, Chair – NS (06-08), Nancy Ruppert – SS (06-08)


                   Lora Holland               Hum (07-09)

                  Tracy Lambert           SS (07-09)


10.3.6 University Teaching Council (UTC)  {SD7503S}
             continuing:    Laura Facciponti – Hum (06-08), Kathie Garbe – SS (06-08)


                   Merritt Moseley         FWDC Representative (07-08)

                   Sally Wasileski          NS (07-09)

                   Bert Holmes              Previous Award Winner (07-09)


10.3.7 University Service Council (USC)  {SD5204s/5304s}
            continuing:    Shirley Browning, Chair – SS (06-08), Anita White-Carter – Hum (06-08)


                   Sam Kaplan              NS (07-09)

                   Sophie Mills              Previous Award Winner (07-8)


10.3.8 ILS Oversight Committee (ISLOC)

continuing:    Dee James – DI (06-09), David Clarke II (05-08)


            Karin Peterson         WI (07-10)

            Chris Bell                  QI (07-10)

            Keith Krumpe           Colloqium Coordinator (07-10) – reappointment

            Alan Hantz                Cluster Coordinator and Chair (07-10) – reappointment



       (Will make recommendations in August)


10.3.9 Graduate Council - MLA  {SD3090S; SD0292F}
            continuing:    Ted Uldricks - Hum (06-08), Surain Subramaniam – SS (06-08)

                        *P Jonathan Horton – NS (06-08)


            Randy Booker          NS (07-09): Reappointment

            Elizabeth Snyder     Hum (07-09)

            *P Mark Gibney        SS (07-09)

10.3.10 University Relations Faculty Advisory  {SD0790F}
            continuing:    Linda Nelms, Chair - SS (06-08); Duane Davis – Hum (06-08) 


            Rob Bowen               Hum (07-09) and
                                                            Representative to Foundation Board: Reappointment

                   Claudel McKenzie   SS (07-09): Reappointment

                   Ted Meigs                  NS (07-09)


10.3.11 Intellectual Property Committee  (See Section 9.4)  {SD1105S}
            continuing:    Grant Hardy - Hum (05-08), Surain Subramaniam – SS (06-09)


                   Noah Allen                NS (07-10)


10.3.12 UNCA University Foundation Board
             continuing:    Rob Bowen (07-09), Linda Nelms (07-08)


                   C*                                (07-09)


New Committees and Task Forces

Library, Information Resources and Technology Committee [SD0706F]

              Humanities:           Rob Bowen (tenured) (07-10) (3 yr.)

                               Ellen Pearson (untenured) (07-09) (2 yr.)

  Natural Sciences:   Steve Patch (tenured) (07-08) (1 yr.)

                               Susan Reiser (untenured) (07-10) (3 yr.)

  Social Sciences:    Bill Sabo (tenure) (07-09) (2 yr.)
                                           Tracy Lambert (untenured) (07-08) (1 yr.)


Transportation Committee {10.4.15} {SD3106S}
             continuing:    Chris Bell (SS 06-08); Jim Petranka (NS 06-08)


                        Alternates:     Robert Berls              Hum (06-08) (will be member 08-10)

                                                Dot Sulock                NS (06-08) (will be member 08-10)


Sustainability Committee [10.4.6] [SD7907S]

Dee Eggers               NS (07– 09)
            Mark Harvey              SS (07-09)
            Alternate:       Grace Campbell       Hum (07-08)
            Alternate:       Leah Matthews         SS (07-08)

Sustainability Task Force


            Dee Eggers               NS
                        Mark Harvey              SS
                        Grace Campbell       Hum
                        Leah Matthews         SS

Alumni and Development Administrative Review Task Force


            Duane Davis            Hum (URFAC)
                        Judy Beck                 NS (URFAC)

            Claudel McKenzie   SS (URFAC)

            Linda Nelms            SS (URFAC)

            Rob Bowen              Hum (URFAC)

            Shirley Browning      SS (At-Large)

     *C (Chancellor Appointees)

     *P (Provost Appointees)


V.       Committee Assignment Preferences

               Dr. Downes asked senators to submit their committee preferences.  The Executive Committee will

meet immediately following the meeting to set committee assignments.


VI.      Adjournment  

          Dr. Downes adjourned the meeting at 4:45 pm.


Respectfully submitted by:   Sandra Gravely

                                           Greg Boudreaux